flexoTHERM three phase ground source heat pump

£6,570.00£8,904.00 (Inc VAT)

Features and benefits:

  • 400V heat pump is available in 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models.
  • More power, more efficiency – Integrated EVI super compressor, injects additional refrigerant into the compression cycle
  • Exceptionally quiet – With noise levels as low as a modern refrigerator – 42dB(A), flexoTHERM has earned the ‘Quiet Mark’ approval (excludes 230V range)
  • High quality and sustainable – Green iQ technology aids in future-proofing the product and ensures optimum efficiency, performance and sustainability
  • Ability to cascade up to seven flexoTHERM heat pumps – Suitable for larger domestic and commercial properties
  • Extended capabilities and flexibility – Modular design gives flexoTHERM greater sustainability and flexibility with accessories to enable connection to either air or water sources.

Warranty: 7 Years Manufacturer when purchased with EcoCert scheme. *Subject to T&C’s



flexoTHERM can be connected to either a ground collector or borehole system to provide efficient generation of heating and hot water.

This option is suitable for applications where adequate space is available to incorporate a ground collector – or a borehole in situations where space may be restricted. In addition, flexoTHERM can be connected to a passive cooling module to assist with climate control in modern homes that are airtight.

The passive cooling module works as a heat exchanger, removing the thermal energy stored in a building to discharge it into the ground. It is only suitable for homes with underfloor heating and fan coil systems and must work with a ground collector.

Passive cooling is possible at almost no cost with ground or water sources, passing warm heating circuit water against cool brine fluid to gently cool down the building.

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