CTC EcoZenith i250 L PRO (1x230V)

  • Built-in heat pump control
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Easy install
  • Available in two heights: 1654/ 1904mm
  • Smart Grid _ ready to adapt to electricity prices
  • Energyflex _ total flexibility to connect other heat sources
  • Can be controlled from a smart phone with CTC Connect
  • Built-in low-energy circulation pump

Manufacturer Part Number: 586621001
Warranty: 2 years as standard


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CTC EcoZenith i250 is an efficient indoor module with built-in heat pump control. To achieve the perfect combination for a complete heat pump, install it together with the CTC EcoAir air-to-water heat pumps. For those who prefer ground source, geothermal, or lake heating, CTC EcoPart are ideal. CTC EcoZenith i250 is suitable for different heating systems: one- and two-pipe systems for radiators and convectors, as well as for floor heating. With the Mixing Valve Group 2 accessory, you can control two different heating systems.

A technology that provides far more uniform heating. Radiators and underfloor heating are always at the right temperature thanks to the automatically-controlled mixing valve. Since the primary flow temperature is constant, annoying expansion sounds in the floor and pipes are absent. Now you can also get cool in summer; supplement with CTC Comfort (passive cooling unit in combination with CTC EcoPart) which uses the borehole’s cool temperature for pleasant cool air.

EnergyFlex gives you the freedom to supplement with other energy sources. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement with solar heat, or have a water-jacketed stove provide warmth. Connect a pool so you can also enjoy the warmth in summer.

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Additional information

Weight167 kg
Dimensions595 × 1654 mm