CTC EcoLogic Family (Max 2 heat pumps)

  • Six system versions
  • 4.3 inch colour touchscreen
  • Fully automated connection and disconnection of existing boiler
  • Can be controlled by a master system using CTC BMS/ Internet accessory
  • Can be supplemented with a text message function, controlled and viewed on your mobile phone


Manufacturer Part Number: 585888302

Warranty: 2 Years as standard


Please call 03300 248 248 for prices or email sales@ecoheatingstore.co.uk


Automatic, reliable and low-maintenance control systems for CTC heat pumps together with an existing boiler, accumulator tank or directly to the heating system.

Complete control systems with large, clear 4.3-inch colour touchscreens. Logical, intuitive with simple symbols. Depending on the version, you can connect and control up to ten heat pumps and four heating circuits (four primary flow temperatures/heat curves).

Built-in output monitor, optional external peak, hot water prioritisation and built-in alarm. You can log operating data and update programs via USB. It can also be controlled via the Internet or SMS (option) or can be connected to a remote computer (DUC).

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