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  • Vaillant aroTHERM Air source Heat Pump

    Features and benefits:

    • Four models aroTHERM 5kW, 8kW, 11kW and 15kW
    • Compact size for easy siting
    • Possible to fit 5kW, 8kW and 11kW models under a standard window
    • Quiet operation - Quiet Mark approved thanks to its ultra-quiet operation.
    • Sound power as low as 58dB(A) (5kW) with permitted planning available as low as three metres.
    • Blue fin coated evaporator with anti-hydro coating - Gives improved performance and extra protection against corrosion.
    • Ability to cascade up to seven aroTHERM heat pumps - Suitable for larger domestic and commercial properties.
    • Solid case design with in-built anti-vandalism measure - No requirement for extra vandalism cages.
    • MCS accredited.
    • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties.
    • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard.
    • ErP rated A++
    Manufacturer Part Number: Warranty: 7 Years Manufacturer when purchased with EcoCert scheme. *Subject to T&C's
    £3,543.60£6,154.80 (Inc VAT)
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  • Vaillant aroSTORE domestic hot water heat pump

    Key features and benefits:

    • Two models available – aroSTOR 200 and 200 litre
    • Flexible siting options – A small footprint and range of 360° air duct accessories offers flexible options for siting of the appliance
    • Highly energy efficient and reliable – Gives high COP of >3.19 and best possible ErP label of A+
    • Controls – Comes with integrated control
    • High quality material and components – Stainless steel tank comes with a five year warranty (two years for other components)
    • Extremely quiet operation – Advanced insulation and use of rubber on the compressor for quiet operation
    • Hot water on demand – Self-managing hot water comfort with electrical back up heater for hot water boost (and Legionella protection)
    • No additional measurements required on site – Completely stand-alone hot water solution
    • 1.2kW titanium electrical back-up heater – Titanium is a more corrosion resistant material than copper whilst is also more resistant to calcium build up, giving excellent lifetime performance and reliability.
    • Easy transportation – aroSTOR is top heavy so Vaillant deliver it in a strong bag that is easy for two people to carry
    £2,434.80£2,614.80 (Inc VAT)
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