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  • Vaillant 40L decoupler Module (Buffer)

    Vaillant 40L decoupler Module (Buffer Cylinder) Should the system have multiple zones and/or require an additional pump to support the complete heating system, the decoupler module provides an excellent solution and is easy to site and install. The tank comes complete with an NTC sensor and pocket at the top of the tank as well as an air bleed valve/vent to help remove air from the system. The four inlets can be used to link two heating sources and heat pumps into one heating set up to create a hybrid system. In these cases, the decoupler module acts as a mixing module in which the heat pump acts as the primary heat source with the boiler acting as a boost or taking over once the boiler becomes less cost-effective and/or efficient then the heat pump. Key features and benefits - Helps maintain heat pump and back up appliance differentials. Better efficiency and performance. - Four inlets. Allows more system volume to be added to meet the requirements of the heat pump or to link two heat sources together in one heating circuit for a hybrid system. Key features and benefits - Multiple tappings. Flexible heating design - Thermally layered. Increased performance. - Wall mounted and compact. 720mm(H) x 350mm (D) x 360mm (W) for easy and flexible installation. Manufacturer Part Number: 20222287 Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturer
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