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  • flexoTHERM three phase ground source heat pump

    £5,475.00£7,420.00 (Excluding VAT) Select options
  • flexoTHERM single phase ground source heat pump

    Key features and benefits:
    • Available in 230V and 400V - 230V heat pump is available in 5, 8 and 11kW models. 400V heat pump is available in 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models.
    • More power, more efficiency - Integrated EVI super compressor, injects additional refrigerant into the compression cycle
    • Exceptionally quiet - With noise levels as low as a modern refrigerator - 42dB(A), flexoTHERM has earned the ‘Quiet Mark’ approval (excludes 230V range)
    • High quality and sustainable - Green iQ technology aids in future-proofing the product and ensures optimum efficiency, performance and sustainability
    • Ability to cascade up to seven flexoTHERM heat pumps - Suitable for larger domestic and commercial properties
    • Extended capabilities and flexibility - Modular design gives flexoTHERM greater sustainability and flexibility with accessories to enable connection to either air or water sources.
    £5,475.00£5,889.00 (Excluding VAT) Select options
  • Vaillant aroSTORE domestic hot water heat pump

    Key features and benefits:

    • Two models available – aroSTOR 200 and 200 litre
    • Flexible siting options – A small footprint and range of 360° air duct accessories offers flexible options for siting of the appliance
    • Highly energy efficient and reliable – Gives high COP of >3.19 and best possible ErP label of A+
    • Controls – Comes with integrated control
    • High quality material and components – Stainless steel tank comes with a five year warranty (two years for other components)
    • Extremely quiet operation – Advanced insulation and use of rubber on the compressor for quiet operation
    • Hot water on demand – Self-managing hot water comfort with electrical back up heater for hot water boost (and Legionella protection)
    • No additional measurements required on site – Completely stand-alone hot water solution
    • 1.2kW titanium electrical back-up heater – Titanium is a more corrosion resistant material than copper whilst is also more resistant to calcium build up, giving excellent lifetime performance and reliability.
    • Easy transportation – aroSTOR is top heavy so Vaillant deliver it in a strong bag that is easy for two people to carry
    £2,029.00£2,179.00 (Excluding VAT) Select options

Top Sellers

  • Endfeed 90 Street Elbow

    15mm Endfeed 90 Street Elbow WRAS APPROVED Manufacturer Part Number: Warranty: N/A
    £8.00£25.70 (Excluding VAT) Select options
  • EcoTherma Staples 40mm Pack 900

    Staples to secure the pipe into the insulation. Can either be fixed by hand or used with a Staple gun. Sold in boxes of 300.
    Manufacturer Part Number: ECOSTAPLE40
    £10.91 £10.00 (Excluding VAT) Add to cart
  • Buteline Inline Coupling

    £36.00£53.50 (Excluding VAT) Select options
  • CTC EcoZenith C530 (540I)

    - Designed to be connected to wood- and solar heating systems - Optimal use buffering heating water (510) combined with CTC EcoZenith I 550 or as multi-mode cylinder (C530) combined with CTC EcoLogic EXT - 90 mm of polyurethane insulation to minimize heat loss - Prepared for connection of immersion heaters - Compact design - Efficient operation - Offering a wide field of applications - 40 m DHW coil fin pipe (C530) - Built-in solar coil (C530) The CTC EcoZenith C530 is a heating water buffer cylinder designed to be connected to most heat sources requiring larger heating water buffer capacity. The CTC EcoZenith C530 is a multi-mode heating water buffer cylinder of fully 500 liters equipped with integrated solar and DHW coils installed as master cylinder in as example wood boiler heating systems. The CTC EcoZenith C530 is equipped with sufficient and generously sized connections which assist not only with the installation and operation but provide opportunities to easily expand the system in the future. The C530 is prepared for the connection of three immersion heaters. The CTC EcoZenith C530 is equipped with a solar coil sufficient for up to 6 solar panels. The flow capacity is about 40 liters per minute capable of providing 600 liters of 40 ÁC hot water at a flow rate of 22 liters per minute. The heat losses are extremely small compared to many buffer cylinders on the market.
    Manufacturer Part Number: 573702001
    Warranty: 2 years as standard
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